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About us | Asahi Co., Ltd.

About us

Founded in 1966, Asahi Co.,Ltd. has continuously innovated the moving industry as the supplier of state-of-the-art protective materials and other related products for professional movers, bringing the quality of their services to an unrivaled level. We provide a wide range of protective materials under the brand of J Quilt. It is an iconic brand in Japan’s moving service industry. When Japan’s top-notch moving companies face difficult challenges, they first come to us as J Quilt is exactly what they need. Now we are expanding our business globally. Inquiries from those who wish to distribute our products are always welcome!

Message from CEO

Kenichi Nozawa, Chief Executive Officer

Asahi was founded in 1966 and has an over-50-year history of manufacturing quilt products. All the while, the source of our creativity has always been voices of customers across various industries. Our passion for helping them solve their problems has been a driving force for our development of unique products.

Our protection materials are widely used as packaging and cushioning stuff in moving and logistics industries.  In recent years, our products are used beyond such traditional categories and find themselves used in more diverse range of locations, such as hotels, schools and body cover of Formula 1 racing cars.

Our integrated production factory in Japan is what makes our products far better than those made by others. We have deep expertise in each and every step of quilting, from cotton spinning to sewing.  Also, we take pride in the fact that there are so many skilled sewing technicians with over-20-year experience working diligently in our factory. With our technology and passion for high quality, we strive for providing compelling products that beat expectations from customers the way nobody else can.

We are determined to build a relationship with our customers for our mutual benefits and continue to roll out innovative products to be used by all professionals across the globe. 

We are looking forward, with enthusiasm, to delighting you with our products.

Corporate fact

Name      : Asahi Co.,Ltd.

CEO       : Kenichi Nozawa

Founded : August 1966

HQ          : 2-2-1 Tsubaki, Adachi Ward,Tokyo, 123-0051, Japan

Business : Manufacturing and sales of quilt products 

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